Anglers on newly opened Berlayar and Punggol walkways

Boardwalks for walking or ... ?
Letter from Mary Maloney Today Online 14 Jan 12;

THE report "Will pedestrians, cyclists co-exist?" (Jan 9) prompts me to raise a question and make a request after a morning walk at Labrador Park.

I noticed many cyclists in groups along the new boardwalk there. Pedestrians, including some in wheelchairs, children and parents with babies in prams, had to make room for them. Also, anglers had their rods out, occupying two or three feet of the boardwalk. Is this permitted?

One highly misused boardwalk now is Changi Boardwalk, with cigarette butts - smoking should be banned in parks, where people go for fresh air and exercise - leftover food and other rubbish. So I beseech all park users to please be more considerate.

Punggol's dangerous anglers
Straits Times 17 Jan 12;

ANGLERS are a cause for concern along the Punggol Park Connector Network (PCN), especially between Marina Country Club and Punggol Jetty.

As a frequent user of the PCN, I often see leftover rotten bait, litter, fishing lines and hooks on the grass patch and also on the PCN.

The anglers' irresponsible behaviour does not only make an unsightly public mess, but it also poses a danger to joggers and cyclists, and even park cleaners.

The other day, I was almost hit by an angler casting his fishing line when I was running past. Recently, anglers even rode their motorcycles into the PCN.

I have written to the National Parks Board but nothing has been done.

I am not against people fishing legally but I expect them to be considerate.

Wang Eng Hin