Malaysia: Collaring a jumbo success

Roay Goh New Straits Times 13 Mar 12;

Female elephant in Sabah forest reserve first to be fitted with Iridium collar

THE protection of endangered animal species in Sabah took another significant step following the successful collaring of an elephant in Kinabatangan recently.

The female elephant was caught in the Segaliud-Lokan Forest Reserve before it was fitted with an Iridium collar in a joint effort by the state Wildlife Department, Borneo Conservation Trust and KTS Plantation.

Estimated to be between 25 and 35 years old, the elephant was found to be lactating and nursing a calf about five to six months old.

The elephant, named "Segaliud", had since been released back to its herd after a physical check-up. It is also the first to be collared in the area.

The BCT Conservation and Research Head Raymond Alfred said with the collaring of the elephant, the first in the forest reserve, it would help in providing valuable information on its movement in the area.

Fitting collars on endangered animal species here is one of the key components in a Mega Biodiversity Corridor programme initiated by the BCT to enhance the forest ecological system.

Wildlife director Dr Laurentius Ambu said the programme was crucial to reconnect corridors for the animals to move about in the forest that are now fragmented by agricultural activities.

"Wildlife corridors offer one of the best long term solutions facing the endangered wild Bornean elephant," he added.

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