Grass cutters instructed not to trim grass too aggressively

Letter from Tan Nguan Sen Director, Catchment & Waterways, PUB
Today Online 19 Apr 12;

PUB, the national water agency, thanks Mr Tang Hung Kei for his letter "Tall grass, ferns cut all the way to stream" (April 11).

The stream at Venus Drive channels water from the upstream forested area towards Kallang River and eventually to Marina Reservoir.

As part of our maintenance regime, PUB contractors regularly clear litter or debris from the stream to prevent them from flowing further down the waterways.

The contractors also trim the overgrown grass and ferns along the sides of the stream to help keep the water free flowing.

We agree with Mr Tang on the need to maintain the natural habitat for damselflies and dragonflies. We have instructed our contractors not to trim the grass too aggressively.

As he pointed out, littering is detrimental to the environment. Hence, we urge the community to keep our environment and waterways clean, so we can continue to enjoy beautiful waterways and reservoirs.

The public can contact PUB's 24-hour call centre, PUB-One, at 1800-284 6600 to provide further feedback.