Best of our wild blogs: 22 Nov 12

Night Dive at Pulau Hantu
from Pulau Hantu

The Lock and Key of Spiders
from Macro Photography in Singapore

Finger-licking food
from The annotated budak

Postcards on positive interaction with our wild animals
from wild shores of singapore

Dragonfly (37) – Chalybeothemis fluviatilis
from Dragonflies & Damselflies of Singapore

Random Gallery - Common Palm Dart
from Butterflies of Singapore

Red-necked Stints in a feeding frenzy
from Bird Ecology Study Group

Investigating food web and trophic interactions in Singapore’s reservoirs, a seminar by Liew Jia Huan (Friday 30 Nov 2012, 10 AM, DBS Conference Room) from The Biodiversity crew @ NUS