It's a big bird and a nuisance, but it's protected

Straits Times Forum 3 Nov 12;

I LIVE in an HDB estate in Queenstown surrounded by lush greenery.

Unfortunately, for over a year, my estate has been invaded by Asian Koels, which are large black birds with a distinct and piercing cry.

Their loud and aggressive cries begin as early as 5am and continue throughout the day.

As a result, my family and I have had to put up with having our sleep disturbed.
When I first wrote to my town council last November, I was informed by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) that the bird is protected under the Wild Animals and Birds Act, and no further action will be taken unless the bird poses a health hazard to our community.

The AVA offered to trim the trees to reduce their roosting areas.

As there was hardly any improvement to the situation since then, I complained to the town council again.

The reply: Such noise issues are prevalent in HDB estates everywhere and town councils are collectively consulting the AVA for a solution, since the bird is a protected species.

Why is this bird a protected species and what is the AVA's plan to resolve the problem?

Daniel Ng