Monkey found dead inside cage trap in MacRitchie Reservoir Park

Sharon See Channel NewsAsia 26 Nov 12;

SINGAPORE: Some visitors to MacRitchie Reservoir Park were greeted with an unpleasant sight on Monday when they found two wild monkeys trapped in a cage.

One of the monkeys laid dead inside the cage.

Responding to email enquiries, the National Parks Board (NParks) said it has been setting cage traps in strategic locations within the park since last week to capture monkeys following reports of monkey aggression against park visitors.

It said NParks officers check the cages twice a day including weekends to see if any monkeys are captured.

At 10am today, its officers found the cages empty.

NParks said there were fresh bite marks on the dead monkey, and it believes one of the monkeys was killed while they were fighting for food in the cage.

Both monkeys were removed from the park at 5pm and brought to the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority. It is understood that the other monkey will be put down.

Channel NewsAsia understands that reports of monkey aggression are not uncommon and may include incidents of scratching and grabbing visitors' plastic bags.

NParks has often warned park visitors not to feed monkeys, as it may encourage them to grab visitors' food and plastic bags.

- CNA/de

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