Indonesia: Giant leopard shark washed up on Dulupi beach

Antara 11 Apr 13;

Gorontalo (ANTARA News) - A giant leopard shark was found stranded on Dulupi beach at Bajo hamlet in Boalemo district, Gorontalo, on Wednesday, according to Deo Datus Kaban, a local resident.

Kaban said here on Thursday that the shark, about 8 meters long and more than 100 kilograms, was found alive by local fishermen on Wednesday night.

"The shark was first discovered by local fishermen on Wednesday at around 21 pm on the beach, and now the local people are trying to trying to drag to the shore," he said.

Fishermen had trouble pulling in the stranded shark to the shore after it was washed out from a high tide, and stranded on the shore during low tide.

Safety nets are installed in the attempted to pull the fish safely and alive, since the fishermen believe if the fish is a sign carrier blessing.

This shark is now become a local resident`s spectacle Deo said.

According to Deo the local residents are still waiting for government`s instruction whether to release the shark, because it is still alive.

"Residents hope the fish will be released back, if it`s getting better," said Deo. (*)