Underground work may worsen floods

Lim Hong Yin Today Online 12 Sep 13;

The fact that floods are occurring in different parts of Singapore may have something to do with the rate buildings are being built.

New buildings occupying vacant land means less space for rainwater to seep into the ground. More rainwater is channelled into our drainage system, overloading it.

Fixing localised floods may not sufficiently boost our overall capacity to drain rainwater effectively to prevent flooding. Massive construction underground will likely affect our natural water table, which may aggravate the situation, as underground water invariably finds new routes when obstructed by tunnels and underground structures.

The rate at which rainwater seeps into the open ground may then be affected. Rainwater would stay above ground for longer than it otherwise would. We seem to always note the increased rainfall, but have we studied if other factors, like development projects, also contribute to the flooding situation?