Have recycling bins at every HDB block

V. Subramaniam (Dr), Straits Times Forum, 7 Oct 13;

WHILE condominiums are required to provide recycling bins for its residents ("Condo recycling receptacles a must" by the National Environment Agency; last Wednesday), there seems to be no such requirement for HDB estates.

Currently, recycling bins in HDB estates are confined to one set of bins for several blocks in a cluster.

Consequently, residents living in blocks farther from the bins have to walk some distance to discard recyclables. There is, therefore, no incentive for them to recycle.

Plastic bags for recyclables are also given to residents, but these are collected only fortnightly. Not all residents see the need to cooperate and have their recyclables ready for collection.

Surely the NEA and HDB are aware of the advantages of recycling. Providing bins at every block is the best way to raise awareness among the public of the need to recycle.

Singapore has achieved so much in so short a time, yet we still lag behind other countries in providing recycling bins to the masses.

I hope the NEA and HDB will consider providing more bins in HDB estates.

V. Subramaniam (Dr)

Condo recycling receptacles a must
NEA, Straits Times Forum, 2 Oct 13;

WE THANK Mr Jairam Amrith for his letter ("Make condo recycling bins a must"; last Thursday).

Since Nov 1, 2008, all condominiums have been required by the Environmental Public Health Act to provide sufficient recycling receptacles within their premises for residents to deposit household recyclables such as paper, cans, and plastic and glass containers.

The condo management has discretion on the type of receptacles (for example, bags or bins) and their placement locations based on the needs of residents.

Mr Amrith may contact us on 1800-2255-632 or contact_nea@nea.gov.sg for more information.

Ong Soo San

Director, Waste and Resource Management Department

National Environment Agency

Make condo recycling bins a must
Jairam Amrith, Straits Times Forum, 26 Sep 13;

ALTHOUGH Singapore has a well-deserved reputation of being a clean and green city, its residents are far from proactive when it comes to good ecological behaviour, including the disposal of waste.

The authorities can do more to prod the populace into being more responsible.

Most landed property residences now have two disposal bins, one for normal waste and the other for items that can be recycled.

However, few condominiums provide bins that are clearly marked for different types of waste.

Why not make it mandatory for each block to have at least one or two purpose-built bins, placed in lobbies and other common areas, for the disposal of recyclable items?

Obviously, this must be accompanied by a rigorous awareness programme to ensure that these bins are properly used by residents, and regularly emptied and cleaned by the condominium management.

Without mandated regulations, the management corporations of condominiums are unlikely to take action.

Jairam Amrith