73 caught on camera for high-rise littering

Ng Lian Cheong Channel NewsAsia 11 Dec 13;

SINGAPORE: Seventy-three people were caught on camera for high-rise littering as of December 4, since an initiative by the National Environment Agency (NEA) saw some 880 surveillance cameras being installed in 581 locations last year.

The locations chosen were where residents complained of high-rise littering problems.

NEA said the cameras have helped to address the high-rise littering problems in 81 per cent of the locations.

The Public Hygiene Council believes that there are repeat offenders of high-rise littering.

The highest court fine issued to a repeat offender of high-rise littering was S$4,800.

Liak Teng Lit, chairman of the Public Hygiene Council, said: "It can't be helped -- there's a small minority of the population, in any population, (of which) about 3 or 4 per cent of the people have personality disorders.

“They are the people who can't relate to other people, they don't care about other people. So they will always be doing these kinds of things."

- CNA/nd