Coney Island to open to public in 2015

Lip Kwok Wai Channel NewsAsia 3 Feb 14;

SINGAPORE: Pulau Serangoon, commonly known as Coney Island, is expected to open to the public next year.

Located off the northeastern coast of Singapore, the Urban Redevelopment Authority said under the Master Plan, a part of Coney Island is zoned for residential, sport and recreational use.

As the land is not immediately required for development, a part of Coney Island will be kept as an interim park for the time being.

The rest of the island is zoned for park use.

Tender documents stated that Coney Island will have infrastructure such as a bird watching station, walkways and solar street lights.

But one analyst said there is no need for residential units within such a small island.

Nicholas Mak, research head at SLP International, said: "It destroys the peace and the quiet that is on the island.

"If you wanted to keep a part of it as a nature reserve, for recreation, water sports, why do you need to introduce additional housing units there? It is not as if we are short of residential land within the main island of Singapore."

- CNA/gn