Choa Chu Kang Park pilots '3G community garden'

Channel NewsAsia 29 Mar 14;

SINGAPORE: Forging community bonds -- across generations, and between residents -- will be the goal, as Choa Chu Kang Park pilots the concept of a "three-generation community garden".

An extension of seven hectares of recreational space to the park aims to boost the spirit of fostering multi-generational ties.

It features facilities for people of all ages, allowing families to use it together.

Visiting the park on Saturday morning, Minister for Health and MP for the area Gan Kim Yong said this is a unique feature of a three-generation park.

Another special feature, he said, is the three-generation community garden.

So far, about 80 residents have signed up to help out.

Mr Gan said he hopes this 3G concept can be replicated in other parks.

"This is a new concept, and we hope NParks will continue to develop this concept further, and using this as a pilot site to develop this idea, and when it works, we will replicate in other parks.

"Through this 3G living park, we hope to be able to encourage families to come together, to spend time together, to strengthen their bond to get to know each other better, and to also enjoy, relax in the park together," he said.

- CNA/de