Public offer suggestions to enhance Pulau Ubin

Faris Mokhtar Channel NewsAsia 23 Aug 14;

SINGAPORE: Members of the public have suggested more walking and cycling trails, as well as a field research centre at Pulau Ubin, for The Ubin Project. The project was started recently by the Ministry of National Development to preserve and enhance the island.

Another suggestion was to create a cultural map of the island, to understand its historical, social and religious practices. Many of the suggestions were made through a microsite created by the ministry in May.

Minister of State for National Development Desmond Lee said his ministry will take time to study the suggestions and implement them after further public engagement. He was at Pulau Ubin where he joined community groups to plant 100 native trees as part of the island's reforestation efforts.

About three hectares of land at Tanjong Tajam were damaged in a bushfire in March this year.

Besides long-term plans, Mr Lee said issues that require immediate attention include coastal erosion of the north shore and dilapidated buildings.

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Habitat enhancement efforts underway for Pulau Ubin
AsiaOne 23 Aug 14;

SINGAPORE - Visitors to Pulau Ubin may experience more nature-based recreation in an environment with richer biodiversity, after the Ministry of National Development (MND) received calls by the public for more tree plantings and habitat enhancement.

Speaking at a tree planting exercise conducted on the island this morning, Minister of State for National Development, Desmond Lee noted that many people want the preserve the "rustic and natural" appeal of Pulau Ubin, but that did not mean "leaving Ubin alone".

"We are considering these ideas carefully and will see how some of these ideas can be implemented sensitively to enhance the visitor experience on Ubin," Mr Lee said.

Mr Lee was joined by community groups with over 100 participants to plant 100 native trees over 0.1 hectares at Tanjong Tajam, Pulau Ubin, after a fire in March this year damaged 3 hectares of land at the site.

"Some [suggestions], like today's reforestation, are activities that we have been carrying out regularly, and can be continued, perhaps with greater involvement of the community. Other ideas will need more time to implement," Mr Lee added.

Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) alumni group will be continuing with reforestation efforts at Tanjong Tajam for one year, and build a sensory trail and campsites for future OBS participants in collaboration with NParks.

Members of the public who would like to participate in reforestation efforts at Pulau Ubin may do so through the Garden City Fund's Plant-A-Tree programme at