Malaysia: RM1mil in losses from mini tornadoes in Kedah

OH CHIN ENG The Star 14 Nov 14;

ALOR SETAR: The mini tornadoes that occurred in Kedah recently have damaged more than 100 properties, causing losses of around RM1mil.

The state received reports of four such twisters since the first one took shape in Pendang on Oct 14, said Kedah state executive councillor Datuk Mohd Tajuddin Abdullah.

“The damaged homes have been surveyed, and repair works would resume as soon as possible,” he told reporters during a visit to Kampung Nonang in Jalan Batas Paip here yesterday.

The most recent mini tornado hit Kedah on Wednesday.

It destroyed more than 20 premises, carried a car away, ripped off a goat pen and caused fear among residents. There were no fatalities.

Housewife Che Tom Ahmad, 55, whose house was damaged the most, said she was “emotionally disturbed”.

“I couldn’t sleep because I will recall that scary moment on Wednesday every time I close my eyes,” she said.

“I shake with fear whenever I hear even a gust of wind,” said Che Tom.

“And, I pray hard that the tornado would not happen again.”

The state government promised to provide counselling to the traumatised villagers, said another state exco, Datuk Suraya Yaacob.

“Doctors from the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital psychiatric department will be speaking to the villagers,” she added.

This is the first time the department is being roped in to assist in a disaster, she said.

“I will ensure that the students who are sitting for their SPM will not be stressed more than they already are.”

The big clean-up in Kajang – again
The Star 14 nov 14;

KAJANG: Barely two months after a flash flood hit parts of the town centre, shop owners and traders around Pasar Besar Kajang are once again counting their losses.

Another round of floods struck Jalan Haroun on Wednesday.

“Water rose slowly but did not enter the shop,” said salesman Nordin Ahmad, 32, who works in a textile shop.

“We are used to this. It happens frequently.

“In fact, we continued selling carpets and resumed our business two hours after the waters subsided.

“The authorities cleared mud from the road within an hour, except at the Kajang wet market,” he said, adding that a river nearby overflowed onto the road in September.

Business owner Lee Kim Tuan, 67, said he spent about RM2,000 constructing a foot-high wall in front and at the back of his record shop that has been operating for more than 20 years.

“I built the barrier last year. I was afraid that the water would enter my shop,” he said.

“There are still many businesses that have not built such barriers, but I had no choice but to take the necessary precaution,” said Lee, adding that flood waters only reached the doorstep of his shop now.

Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) public relations head Kamarul Izlan Sulaiman said the flash flood occurred because the river overflowed its banks.

“A clean-up crew was on-site to clear up the rubbish, silt and mud,” he said, adding that everything was in order by midnight.

Kamarul said the council was working with the Selangor Drainage and Irrigation Depart­ment for a long-term solution, including upgrading works at Sungai Jelok.

“We expect the project to help ease the heavy flow, and hope­fully reduce flash floods in the area.”

Kamarul said that for the time being, MPKj would step up on the cleaning of drainage to ensure no blockages occurred.

“We appeal to the people not to throw rubbish irresponsibly.

“It is a contributing factor to the flash floods,” he said.

Orange level flood warning at few districts in Terengganu
ZARINA ABDULLAH New Straits Times 13 Nov 14;

KUALA TERENGGANU: State Security Council's portal have issued an orange level warning that heavy rains will be prolonged in six districts excluding Kemaman, from today until Saturday.

As at 4pm today, the portal have stated that several main rivers in the state were higher than the normal level and they are Sungai Besut in Jambatan Keruak is at 28.89m compared to normal level at 28.50m, while the danger level is at 35m.

Sungai Besut in Kampung La was recorded 0.41m higher than a normal level that is 14m while danger level at 19.20m.

In Setiu, Sungai Setiu in Kampung Besut is 15.04m compared to normal level at 13.30m and danger level is 18.40m.

Sungai Chalok in Jambatan Chalok is 6.50m compared to normal level at 5m and danger level at 9m.

Sungai Nerus in Kampung Langkap is 0.10m's higher than a normal level at 17m while the danger level is 21.50m.

The portal said that Sungai Dungun in Jamatna Pasir Raja is 34.48m compared to normal level at 34 while danger level is 37.50m.

The same river in Kuala Jengai is 0.89m's higher from the normal level of 14m, while danger level at 21m.

In Kemaman, Sungai Cherul at Jambatan Banho is 10.56m compared to 10m at normal level and 19m at danger level.