NParks to continue monitoring stray dog situation at Yishun Park

Loke Kok Fai Channel NewsAsia 24 Apr 15;

SINGAPORE: Several stray dogs have been spotted in Yishun Park. Some of the park’s users have said the dogs usually keep to themselves, but others said the dogs could be aggressive on occasion.

“I come here around 5 to 6 pm. I would usually see about five or six of them. They do not bite people,” said one of them when Channel NewsAsia visited the park on Friday (Apr 24), following a call from a viewer who said she had been attacked by the dogs.

Another person said the dogs would chase him at times, so he would “just run faster”. A third described the dogs as gentle-looking and “not the types that attack people”.

While there, the news team found the dogs to be wary of humans, keeping their distance. The dogs were also seen eating from packets of food scattered throughout the park.

In response to Channel NewsAsia's queries, SPCA Singapore’s executive director, Ms Corrine Fong, said it is working with animal rights groups and the National Parks Board (NParks) to trap, rehabilitate and rehome these stray dogs.

Ms Fong added that SPCA hopes the authorities will not round up the dogs to cull them, but seek long-term solutions such as sterilising the stray dogs to control the population.

NParks said it has worked with animal welfare groups to rehome some of the stray dogs, and will continue to monitor the situation.

NParks added: "There are also signs in the park advising park users on how they should behave if they encounter stray dogs. Feeding of dogs is not allowed in the park and signs are installed to remind park users about this. Enforcement will be taken against those who are caught feeding."

- CNA/hs