Malaysia: Klang Valley dams full following weekend downpour

The Star 8 Dec 15;

PETALING JAYA: The Sungai Selangor dam, which provides 60% of treated water supply in the Klang Valley is at its full capacity.

Apart from Sungai Selangor, the Klang Gates and Tasik Subang dams were also at 100%, following downpours over the weekend.

Selangor Water Management Authority on its website, said the water level in Langat was at 61.31%, Semenyih (96.81%), Batu (77.24%), Sungai Labu Reservoir (64.52%) and Sungai Tinggi (81.98%).

Meanwhile, two states had issued alerts due to the rise in water levels.

The Drainage and Irrigation Department’s online flood information website, which provides up-to-date data on river water levels, indicated that alerts were issued by authorities in Johor and Kelantan.

The water level readings at Sungai Golok in Rantau Panjang, Kelantan was at 7.15m, exceeding the normal level of 5m while in Johor, the Sungai Tangkak Kampung Seri Makmur and Kampung Murni Jaya stations were slightly above normal levels as at 4pm yesterday.

The Sungai Tangkak water level was at 3.1m, compared to 2m normally while Kampung Murni Jaya’s reading was at 15.51m, compared to its normal level of 14.3m.