Indonesia: Three Sumatran tigers reported to have attacked villager in Jambi

Antara 29 Mar 16;

Jambi (ANTARA News) - Three Sumatran tigers reportedly attacked a resident of Selampaung Village of Kerinci District in Jambi Province, an official said on Tuesday.

Head of Section I of Kerinci Seblat National Park Agency, Agusman, said on Tuesday that the agency is investigating the report and has deployed its officers to track down the tigers.

"We have received a report that the victim was bitten on his thigh. However, we havent met the victim as yet," Agusman said.

The authority also needs to investigate whether the attack was by tigers or some other big cats, such as leopards.

The victim, identified as Martadinata (43), was attacked on Monday (March 28) at around 02.00 p.m. when he was cultivating his cinnamon field.

He encountered three tigers but only one stormed towards him.

If the attack occurred outside the national park area, the agency will track down the tigers and drive them back to their natural habitat.

"But if the attack occurred inside the Kerinci Seblat National Park, then it is their own habitat. What was the victim doing inside the national park?" Agusman wondered, referring to possible human trespassing.

Moreover, Agusman said the place where the attack took place, there is the harvest season for durian, a local delicacy fruit, and residents often flocked to the area to pick the thorny hard-skinned fruit.(*)