Indonesia: Discovery of illegally logged timber shows rampant illegal logging practices continue in Jambi

Jon Afrizal The Jakarta Post 19 Mar 17;

Members of the Garuda Putih Military Resort Command in Jambi seized more than a hundred cubic meters of illegally logged timber in the concession area of a company in Kumpeh Ulu district, Muaro Jambi regency, Jambi province, on Saturday.

“This is not an arrest, but a discovery of evidence,” Military resort commander Col. Refrizal said on Sunday.

The military personnel discovered the logs acting on tips from the public and the owner of Forest Concession Rights (HPH) over the past month. The information was also forwarded to the Jambi Forestry Agency and the Jambi Police.

Refrizal said there were around 1,000 hectares of land opened up under the HPH scheme, but up to now, people continued to encroach on the forest.

“We seized 120 to 150 cubic meters of timber and rengas [Gluta Renghas]. However, we have no suspects for this case,” he added.

The Jambi Forestry Agency’s forest protection division head Ahmad Bestari said the province was working to crack down on illegal logging. The practices, he said, caused state losses and damaged the environment.