Malaysia: Critically-endangered hawksbill turtle rescued at Melaka beach

Kelly Koh New Straits Times 28 Jun 17;

MELAKA: A hawksbill turtle was found stranded on the shores of Pulau Melaka here, yesterday evening.

A member of the public who was fishing nearby found the turtle, which is listed as a critically-endangered species, in difficulty among some rubbish and rocks.

The man then alerted the Civil Defence Department (APM).

Melaka Tengah district civil defence officer Capt (PA) Aljibin Suddin said four APM personnel rushed to the scene and arrived at 5.44pm.

“The turtle was trapped behind some rocks. We believe that it became stranded because of the high tide,” he said.

APM personnel took an hour to rescue the turtle. It was then released back into the sea.

Melaka is the biggest nesting population in Peninsular Malaysia for the critically endangered hawksbill turtle, with average of between 400 and 450 nestings annually.