NParks investigating wild boar attack at fringe of Windsor Nature Park

Jalelah Abu Baker Channel NewsAsia 1 Jul 17;

SINGAPORE: The National Parks Board (NParks) is investigating the case of a woman attacked by a wild boar at one of its parks, it said on Saturday (Jul 1).

Madam Ting I Tsun, 55, a housewife from Taiwan, needed about 60 stitches for a wound in her right calf after the boar pierced it with its tusk, her son-in-law Kenneth Low said.

Madam Ting, who has been here since Jun 17 to visit her daughter who recently gave birth, was walking a dog at the fringe of the park in the Upper Thomson area on Friday at about 6pm, when the incident happened.

Mr Low said that the animal rushed out from among trees, injured her, then disappeared.

"She is doing well, except that she has a slight fever and is feeling lethargic," he added.

Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) deputy chief executive Kalai Vanan, who said that wild boars are "very shy animals" that would usually run away when sighted, called it an "isolated incident".

In this case however, the animal may have been surprised or felt provoked, causing it to charge, he said.

"The presence of the pet dog may have been a reason for the animal to feel provoked as well," he said, adding that wildlife conflict cases are rare occurrences in Singapore.

The location of this particular place is important to take note as Windsor is "at the fringe of the nature reserve," he said. He advised members of the public to give wild boars space to move away.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force said that it was alerted to the case at 6.55pm, and upon arrival, found that the woman suffered an open wound. She was taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, a spokesperson added.

NParks advises the public to remain calm and move slowly away from wild boars should they encounter any.

"Keep a safe distance from them, and do not approach or attempt to feed them. Ensure that young children and pets are kept away as they may be curious and approach the boars," a spokesperson said.