Indonesia: 4,000 hectares of palm oil in Jambi to undergo re-plantation program

Jon Afrizal The Jakarta Post 3 Oct 17;

The central government hopes to improve 4,000 hectares of palm oil plantation belonging to local farmers in Jambi, Agus Rizal, the head of the province's plantation agency, said on Monday.

An undisclosed sum of funds has been disbursed by the Finance Ministry to the Jambi provincial administration to support this ambition.

Agus said the program was fully funded by the central government and sponsored by his agency, which would play a role as a facilitator to the farmers.

"We have been making a list of farmers who are eligible to get the aid,” Agus said, adding that his team had been deployed to Merangin, Batanghari, Sarolangun and West Tanjung Jabung regencies for that purpose.

The team also conducted data validation on the geographical coordinates of the farms and the ages of the palm oil trees.

Each farming family will get funds to improve two hectares of palm oil plantation.

Agus said the amount of money for each family was still being calculated.