Indonesia: Landslide, flood hit Central Bengkulu

Antara 9 Oct 17;

Bengkulu (ANTARA News) - Incessant heavy rains since Sunday have triggered a landslide and flood in Central Bengkulu District, Bengkulu Province.

"Tanjung Raman village is being flooded, while Susup village, located in the border of Kepahiang, is being affected by a landslide," Tomi Marisi, head of the Central Bengkulu disaster mitigation office, stated here on Monday.

Kemumu River has spilled over its bank and has caused flooding in Tanjung Raman village, he added.

The only bridge connecting Tanjung Raman village and the capital city of the sub-district has collapsed after being hit by the river current.

"We are now in the location of the flood. The condition is quite bad because the only bridge connecting the village with the capital of the sub-district has collapsed," he noted.

Meanwhile, the landslide has cut off a main road in Susup village.

In West Sumatra Province, floods have hit Nagari Batahan Village, Ranah Batahan Sub-district, in West Pasaman District, and damaged 13 houses on Monday.

Relief aid was distributed to help the flood victims, Try Wahluyo, head of the West Pasaman disaster mitigation office, noted in West Sumatra on Monday.

Several rescuers were deployed to help move the flood victims to higher ground, he revealed.

The Batahan River overflowed its bank and triggered the flooding following incessant heavy rains since Sunday.

Several houses and rice fields were inundated, with floodwaters reaching a height of one meter.

The flood victims, whose homes were damaged or destroyed by the floods, were accommodated in emergency tents.(*)

Landslides hit Cilacap, Banyumas
Antara 12 Oct 17;

Cilacap, C Java (ANTARA News)- Landslides have hit several areas in the districts of Cilacap and Banyumas, Central Java, following incessant heavy rains since Wednesday.

In Calacap, landslides occurred in two locations in Grumbul Lewosari, Mandala village, Cimanggu sub-district, Tri Komara Sidhy, head of the Cilacap disaster mitigation office, said here, Thursday.

In addition to landslides, the downpours also damaged Cimindi bridge in Cisalak village, Cimanggu sub-district.

A house located near a hill, was buried by a landslide in Grumbul Renggong, Gumelar sub-district, Banyumas District, on Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. local time.

The landslide was also triggered by incessant downpours that had fallen since Wednesday morning.

Local rescuers comprising among others police and military officers, cleared mud and rocks that buried the house. (*)

Landslide buries four homes and mosque in Lebak, Banten Province
Antara 12 Oct 17;

Lebak, Banten (ANTARA News) - A landslide buried four homes and one mosque in Cimandiri village, Panggarangan sub-district, Lebak District, Banten Province, on Wednesday at 7:30 pm. local time.

The buildings were seriously damaged due to the landslide, Kaprawi, head of the Lebak disaster mitigation office, said here, Thursday.

There were no reports of casualties in the landslide which was triggered by incessant heavy rains.

Lebak is considered prone to landslides because the region has several hills and rivers. (*)