Indonesia: Thousands of Wonogiri residents face food shortage due to drought

Ganug Nugroho Adi The Jakarta Post 25 Oct 17;

More than 10,000 residents of two districts in Wonogiri, Central Java, are suffering from a severe food crisis due to prolonged drought in the areas.

Although the rainy season in the regency has begun, rain has not yet fallen in the districts of Kismantoro and Paranggupito since June.

The total number of Wonogiri residents who suffer from food shortages has reached 10,780, comprising 2,695 households.

Wonogiri regent Joko Sutopo said the food shortages were not only because of the drought but also because many people in the regency lived under the poverty line.

“The Wonogiri administration has sent a letter to the Central Java governor [Ganjar Pranowo] asking for rice aid for those affected by the food shortages,” said Joko on Monday.

Of the total, 694 households are from Kismantoro subdistrict while 600 others are from Ngroto village. Meanwhile, 487 households are from Paranggupito village while 462 and 452 others are from Ketos and Songbledek villages, respectively.

Wonogiri Agriculture and Food Agency (Dispertan) head Safuan said his institution needed 37.7 tons of rice to help five villages in the two districts, which are prone to food shortages.

He said that in the first stage of rice aid delivery for the drought this year, Dispertan had provided 7.4 tons of rice for Gesing and Lemahabang villages in Kismantoro.

In the second stage of the delivery, the agency provided 7.5 tons of rice for residents in Bayemharjo and Tlogoharjo villages in Paranggupito district, Safuan said. (dra/ebf)