Malaysia: Lone elephant runs wild in Kupang village, strikes fear in farming community

Safuri Kamarudin New Straits Times 28 Oct 17;

BALING: Over 600 residents at Kampung Bukit Hijau, Kupang voiced their fear over the 'unpleasant visit' from an elephant which has destroyed their crops.

Since the elephant made its presence known to the villagers, many of the locals here have stayed away from their farms, worried that they will run into the elephant.

The village's Development and Safety Committee chairman Idris Yaacob said the wild elephant had destroyed the villagers' crops including banana trees, rubber plant seedlings, coconuts as well as betel trees.

He added the elephant was also getting bolder.

"The elephant usually comes into the village late at night and goes back into the woods early in the morning.

"Many villagers are now afraid to go to the farms and this has caused them to lose their income," he said, adding that he has informed the Wildlife and National Parks Department and hopes that appropriate action will be taken soon.