Indonesia: Landslides damage 300 homes in Kulon Progo

Antara 19 Dec 17;

Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - At least 300 homes located in the Menoreh Hill area were damaged by landslides that hit the Kulon Progo District, Yogyakarta Province, recently.

The Yogyakarta authorities will provide assistance for renovation and reconstruction of the damaged houses, Gusdi Hartono, head of the Kulon Progo disaster mitigation office, stated here, Tuesday.

The assistance will be sourced from the natural disaster emergency funds allocated for Yogyakarta.

On Dec 1, the administration of Kulon Progo District had declared an emergency response status following floods and landslides that hit the region amid the extreme weather in late November of 2017.

The emergency status was effective from Nov 30 to Dec 27.

Swift and appropriate precautionary measures and response were deemed necessary, as the district had experienced rainy season and extreme weather.

At least 66 locations in Kulon Progo were hit by hydrological disasters, such as flooding and landslides.

Meanwhile, two residents went missing, while two others were injured, as a landslide hit Pedukuhan Ngroto, Pendoworejo Village, Girimulyo Sub-district, Kulon Progo District, recently.

Earlier, the Yogyakarta Special Autonomous Provincial Administration had declared an emergency alert status following natural disasters, such as floods, landslides, and whirlwinds, which had hit the region.

The decision to declare the emergency status was taken during a coordination meeting on disaster mitigation attended by officials of the Yogyakarta disaster mitigation office on Nov 29.

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Landslides, flooding hit Cilacap, Central Java
Antara 20 Dec 17;

Cilacap, C Java (ANTARA News) - Floods and landslides have hit several regions in Cilacap District, Central Java, following incessant heavy rains that fell on Tuesday.

In Sindangraja village, two hilly areas were hit by landslides that damaged three homes and injured one person, Tri Komara Sidhy, an official of the Cilacap disaster mitigation office, said here, Wednesday.

A landslide also cut of a road connecting Karangpucung and Sidareja in Cinangsi village, Gandrungmangu sub-district. The road was covered by mudslide stretching 40 meters long.

Several inhabitants of Kertajaya village in Gandrungmangu sub-district, were taking refuge in higher grounds as their homes were submerged by a flood.

reported by Sumarwoto.
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Thousands of villages in Pekanbaru isolated by flash floods
Rizal Harahap The Jakarta Post 20 Dec 17;

Flash floods in Kampar, Riau, have isolated 16 other villages in the upstream side of the regency.

The Kampar Disaster Mitigation Agency’s (BPBD) flood mitigation operation command center head, Chandra, said the flooding had been occurring since Monday evening as the Lipai River had overflowed.

“The thigh-high floodwaters have inundated dozens of houses in Deras, Tanjung Karang and Batu Sasak villages in Kampar Hulu and Kampar Kiri district,” Chandra said on Wednesday.

“No fatalities have been reported. Data on material losses is still being collected.”

Chandra said flooding had also caused damage to a road that connected the flood-affected villages with Lipat Kain, a district capital.

“Parts of the road are severely damaged. Vehicles cannot pass the road, which has never been paved,” said Chandra.

“A bridge in Batu Sasak village has been destroyed by the floodwater, just like what happened in 2015.”

Nine of the 16 villages are located in Kampar Kiri while the others are in Kampar Kiri Hulu.

“Floodwaters started to recede on Tuesday afternoon, but the damaged road cannot be repaired yet. Construction material and equipment cannot be transported to the area,” said Chandra.

The flood-affected villages are located in the Rimbang Baling wildlife reserve, hampering the construction of a permanent transportation route. (vla/ebf)