Malaysia: Cold spell in the peninsula has ended - MetMalaysia

The Star 16 Jan 18;

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian “winter” is coming to an end with the gradual upwards inching of the mercury.

Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia) director-general Alui Bahari said the cold weather that hit the country the past several days was expected to end as the temperature had begun to normalise.

“The maximum temperature recorded on Sunday was 29°C compared to 26°C over the past few days,” he said in an interview here yesterday.

According to forecast, the temperature in Kuala Lumpur until next Sunday can be as high as 31°C.

Asked if the current cold spell was the longest in recent years, Alui said there was a similar episode back in 2014.

In January 2014, the temperature in Cameron Highlands dipped to as low as 12°C.

Several cities and towns in low-lying areas also recorded temperatures of below 25°C.

Last Thursday, the Klang Valley experienced the coldest weather in months, with temperatures dipping to 21°C.

The department had said that this was due to the effects of the north-east monsoon – overcast sky, incessant rain and cold wind.

Meanwhile, three schools in interior northern Sarawak were forced to close due to floods.

SK Kuala Bok, SK Ranggong and SK Sg Bong in Marudi district had to close after floodwaters rose to between two and four feet, forcing about 200 pupils to return home.

Bomba Sarawak, in its latest report, said apart from the schools, numerous village roads were inundated too.

Jalan Ulu Niah and its road links were closed to all traffic after incessant rain made the roads inaccessible to all types of vehicles