AVA removes crows, nests in Toa Payoh after attacks on residents

Ng Huiwen Straits Times 8 Feb 18;

SINGAPORE - The authorities have stepped in to manage the crow population in Toa Payoh this week after attacks on residents.

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) told The Straits Times on Thursday (Feb 8) that it had received two reports of crow attacks near Block 205, Toa Payoh North, since Monday.

"To ensure public safety, AVA took prompt follow up action to manage the crow population by removing crows and crow nests," the authority said.

A 55-year-old hairdresser, who gave her name as Xu Jinli, told Chinese-language newspaper Shin Min Daily News on Thursday that crows are often seen in the area.

However, groups of them have recently become aggressive and repeatedly harassed residents, she said.

Ms Xu said at least 30 passers-by were attacked by crows within two hours on Thursday afternoon.

Several were bitten on their heads.

While there is a sign displayed in the estate to warn residents against feeding the crows, Ms Xu said that she has noticed that some people giving them bread and other food items.

The AVA said crows are particularly protective of their young and may attack when the fledglings are in the nest or when they sense that the fledglings are being threatened.

The AVA advised the public to "avoid picking up crow fledglings that may have fallen from the nests, as they might be mistaken for predators".

In addition, the public should ensure proper food waste disposal and not feed the birds.

"Easily available food sources will encourage birds to congregate and result in an increase in their numbers," the AVA said.

Crow-related issues can be reported to the AVA on 1800 476 1600.