Drains and canal overflow at East Coast Park after unusually high tide

LIM YAOHUI Straits Times 4 Feb 18;

SINGAPORE - Parts of East Coast Park was covered in water as rain and and an exceptional high tide hit the coastal area on Sunday (Feb 4).

At around 1.30pm, the tide had swelled to 3.3m, causing seawater to overflow the banks of a canal and drain.

Tide levels of 3m and above are considered higher than normal, according to the PUB.

Earlier on Friday (Feb 2), the agency released an advisory after a high tide of 3.44m occurred around noon in eastern Singapore.

Friday's tide subsided after an hour, but it resulted in seawater overflowing from the roadside drain onto the junction of Amber Road and Mountbatten Road.

"During the high tide periods, canals and drains which lead to the sea and are therefore influenced by tides, will see high water levels," said PUB. "Seawater may also overflow from the drains and flood the roads."

In the advisory, PUB added that in the event of heavy rain coinciding with the high tides, flash floods may occur in the low-lying coastal areas such as Jalan Seaview, Meyer Road, Fort Road and Tanjong Rhu.

"We advise the public to exercise care should flash floods occur, and avoid stepping into or driving into any flooded areas," it added.