Indonesia: Samarinda on emergency status after flooding

N. Adri The Jakarta Post 23 Mar 18;

The Samarinda administration on Friday declared emergency status following severe floods that had hit the city the day before.

Along with the emergency status, the administration will have to set aside funds to assist more than 9,000 residents affected by the floods. The affected residents, who lived in Loa Bakung subdistrict and Sungai Kunjang and Loa Janan Ilir districts, were forced to leave their homes.

“The amount of the budget will be determined later,” said Samarinda city secretary Sugeng Chairuddin on Friday.

Torrential rains that had showered Samarinca since Wednesday night triggered the floods.

Acting Mayor Zairin Zain said Loa Janan Ilir and Loa Bakung, areas surrounding Mahakam river, had never been flooded before. The areas were home to shipping and warehouse industries.

“I have instructed relevant agencies to check [business] permits and site plans in those areas to check their compliance,” Zairin said.