Indonesia: Walhi Reveals 82 Percent of Land Controlled by Corporations

Tempo 23 Mar 18;

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Environmental group Wahana Lingkungan Hidup (Walhi) revealed that 82 percent of Indonesia’s land spaces are controlled by big corporations.

“The current domination by corporations is 82 percent, which is acquired by concessions and permits in the sector of forestry, plantations, and mining,” said Walhi Executive Director Yaya Nur Hidayati on Thursday, March 22.

According to Walhi’s records, the land spaces acquired by corporations in the sector of forestry amounts to 31.7 million hectares and 11.1 million hectares of land space for business use. Meanwhile, 32.7 million hectares are controlled by mining corporations and 83.5 million hectares used for mining in the oil and gas industry.