Malaysia: Sabah villagers try to rescue stranded baby whale

stephanie lee The Star 2 Apr 18;

KOTA KINABALU: A baby whale has been found stranded on the shores off Kg Indarason Laut in Sabah's northern Kudat district early Monday.

The whale, measuring about 6m, is said to be slightly injured and weak.

Pictures of the whale have gone viral in Facebook.

It is learnt that wildlife officials have arrived at the scene to try and check on the whale's condition before attempting to guide it back to the open seas.

Beached whale makes appearance at Kampung Indarason, Kudat
KRISTY INUS New Straits Times 2 Apr 18;

KUDAT: A whale, suspected to be a juvenile Bryde's whale, has been found beached at a coastal village here early this morning.

Kampung Indarason folks have alerted the authorities, including Tun Mustapha Park officials, around 6.30am on their discovery.

The 14.8-foot long whale is alive but appears to be weak. It also had some injuries and cuts on its body.

"The whale was earlier washed ashore but when the high tide hit, it is partially in the waters.

"However it did not make any attempts to return to sea and our people and the authorities are here to keep tabs on the animal while we wait for the Wildlife Rescue Unit to arrive," said Sabah Parks assistant director in charge of Tun Mustapha Park, Fazrullah Rizally Abdul Razak, who was at the scene, when contacted.

The discovery of the whale went viral in the Facebook social media this morning.