Malaysia: Johor says no to non-environmentally friendly investments

Rizalman Hammim New Straits Times 29 Jun 18;

JOHOR BARU: The state government will reject any local or international investments that negatively impact the environment.

State International Investment and Utility Committee chairman Jimmy Puah Wee Tse said any proposed investments that are found to be detrimental to the environment will be immediately rejected.

“We always welcome investments but not those that can damage the environment, like plastic recycling that generate a lot of trash. We will reject these kind of investments because we don't want Johor to become a dumping ground,” said Puah.

He said last week, Bloomberg reported that by 2030, an estimated 111 million metric tonnes of used plastic will need to be buried or recycled after China ban the import of waste for recycling last year.

“Last week, I was approached by three parties representing investors from China who are interested in setting up this business in Johor. One of them even said that they are willing to buy a 32 hectare land for the operation.

“I told them that we are not keen on these types of investments and that they should look elsewhere,” said Puah.

He was speaking to the media after attending a Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration for orphans organised by Grand Paragon Hotel and Paragon Globe Bhd.

Also present were state Public Works, Infrastructure and Transportation Committee chairman Mazlan Bujang and Joland Group executive director Datuk Seri Godwin Tan.

Puah also said that he would discuss with the Department of Environment on the possibility of tightening the enforcement of companies that are involved in the recycling business.

“We want to conduct a check on these companies and take action against those who do not follow the necessary regulations,” said Puah.