Malaysia: Poacher nabbed for keeping 2 mousedeer carcasses

Mohd Rafi Mamat New Straits Times 11 Jun 18;

KUANTAN: A 34-year-old poacher was arrested yesterday, for possessing two mousedeer carcasses at his home in Rompin.

The Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) believed the two animals were caught at Jekatih Selancar forest reserve recently.

State Perhilitan director Ahmad Azahar Mohammed said during the 4.40am raid, the enforcement personnel only managed to detain the 34-year-old man.

He said two of his friends fled the scene upon realising the presence of the enforcement personnel.

It was learnt that the carcasses will be sold off after the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations this week.

"In the raid, we seized a handmade firearm with bullets, one Global Positioning System (GPS) unit, large knife and a torchlight."

Ahmad said the man will be investigated under Section 60(1)(a) of the Wildlife Conservation Act 2010 for hunting and possession of wildlife without licence.

NSTP reported recently that the growing demand for exotic dishes to be served during Aidilfitri is expected to result in an increase of poaching in Pahang.

Among the sought-after wildlife which promises lucrative returns are sambar deer, kijang (barking deer) and kambing gurun (serow).

Based on the black market value, a kilogramme of sambar deer meat is priced between RM60 and RM80, the kijang meat can fetch above RM80 while the price of serow, depends greatly on the deal between the buyer and seller as it is very difficult to hunt for one.