New gallery on Singapore's sustainability efforts opens at Marina Barrage

Audrey Tan Straits Times 3 Jun 18;

SINGAPORE - With all that talk about climate change, what can a person do to help?

A new Sustainable Singapore Gallery, launched on Saturday (June 2) at the Marina Barrage, aims to provide some answers.

One of the exhibits, for example, is a carbon calculator.

By answering a list of about eight questions such as 'What is the temperature setting on your air-conditioner at home?' and 'How often do you take public transport?' on a touch-screen monitor, visitors will receive an "environmental score" indicating the impact on climate change - whether it is small, average, or large.

The exhibit will also give ideas on how the carbon footprint can be reduced.

Tips include air-drying clothes instead of using a dryer, and buying electrical appliances that are more energy-efficient.

The gallery incorporates educational boards and digital exhibits highlighting Singapore's sustainability initiatives, from its climate targets under the Paris Agreement, to its greening efforts and car-lite vision.

Admission is free.

A look at the new Sustainable Singapore Gallery

The Sustainable Singapore Gallery replaces the Newater (treated used-water) gallery on the second floor of the Marina Barrage that previously told Singapore's water story and how the Republic overcame the challenge of water scarcity.

Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli, who opened the gallery on Saturday, said: "I hope that the Sustainable Singapore Gallery will generate conversations and ideas on sustainability, and inspire visitors to make sustainable choices in their lifestyles."

Urging people to be mindful about how their actions impact the environment, Mr Masagos said: "Just as our past decisions gave us the clean environment we enjoy today, our decisions today will affect the future living environment of our children and their children.

"Let us work together keep Singapore a sustainable and vibrant home."