Ship fire near Marina Barrage put out after 5 hours, no injuries reported

Toh Ting Wei Straits Times 16 Jul 18;

SINGAPORE - A fire on a ship on the waters off Marina Barrage was put out by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) on Monday afternoon (July 16), after five hours of firefighting operations.

No injuries were reported, and all crew members of the ship were accounted for.

Damping down operations to cool down the ship and prevent a rekindling of the fire were still ongoing as of Monday evening around 10pm, the SCDF said in a Facebook post.

In the accompanying video to the post, two vessels were filmed firing jets of water at a towering ship.

The SCDF was alerted to the fire at around 3.10pm on Monday, and the fire had involved contents of the crew cabin on the upper decks of the ship.

Four firefighting vessels from the SCDF Marine Command were deployed in response to the incident.

"Upon arrival, SCDF Marine firefighters adopted a two-pronged approach namely, boundary cooling on the exterior of the affected ship using two water monitors from the Rapid Response Fire Vessel and deploying two water jets to penetrate into the cabins to mitigate the deep-seated fire," said the SCDF.

"After approximately five hours of firefighting operations, the fire was extinguished."