Thailand: Dead dugong found off Phang Nga

The Thaiger The Nation 31 Jul 18;

A 250-kilogram dugong, found dead off Phang Nga over the weekend, has been brought to Phuket for further examination.

Officials from the Phuket Marine Biological Centre (PMBC) were notified on Sunday that the body of the dugong had been found by local fishermen in Phang Nga.

The dugong, which was brought back to Phuket for a full autopsy, was a mature male measuring 2.46 metres long and weighing 250 kilograms.

Its body had already started to decompose.

However, it is believed that the dugong died quite suddenly, as food was still found in its digestive system.

A large bruise, measuring 25 centimetres, was found on its skin.

The dugong’s DNA is yet to be tested.