Malaysia: Villager trampled to death by wild elephant in Kedah

g.c. tan The Star 7 Sep 18;

ALOR SETAR: A wild elephant is believed to have trampled a villager to death near a forest reserve in Padang Sanai near here on Friday afternoon (Sept 7).

The incident occurred at about 4pm but the exact location is still unconfirmed.

The body of the man, whose ethnicity is unknown, was found by his relatives who rushed him to Kuala Nerang Hospital, some 50km from Alor Setar, where he was pronounced dead.

His family members lodged a police report at the Padang Terap district police headquarters.

It is believed that human encroachment into the forest reserve by illegal plantation had provoked the elephants roaming within.

A police source confirmed the report.

Wild jumbos spotted where man was trampled to death
g.c. tan The Star 9 Sep 18;

ALOR SETAR: At least three wild elephants were seen roaming the forest reserve in Padang Sanai, where a rubber tapper was trampled to death.

However, only one animal was involved in the death of Mat Juhid Osman (pic), 49, who died at the scene about 50km from here.

The victim’s brother Husin Osman, 53, they were about leave their fruit orchard when the elephant suddenly dashed out and attacked them.

“I managed to hide behind a tree, but my brother was a little late and was trampled by the elephant, the size of a Pajero four-wheel drive.

He said the incident happened at about 6.30pm on Friday, when he and his brother were tending to fruit trees in their orchard, about 5km from their house in Kampung Ulu, Padang Sanai.

Husin said they had planted some fruit tree saplings earlier in the morning and left for Friday prayers before returning to the orchard at about 3pm.

He said he had lodged numerous reports in the past about wild elephants in the area with the state Wildlife Depart­ment.

“But the officers merely came to see and left. Now, I have lost my brother,” he said.

Padang Terap district police chief Deputy Supt Noh Idris said the hospital alerted the police after the brother of the deceased sent him to the Kuala Nerang Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

“The deceased sustained head injuries and fractured one of his hand.

“His body will be sent to the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital in Alor Setar for post-mortem,” he said.

There have been wild elephant sightings at the Padang Sanai forest reserve near Ahning Dam in the Padang Terap district recently.

Villagers had lodged reports with the Wildlife Department.

It is believed that human encroachment could have provoked the elephants there.