Indonesia: Cable ship sinks after collision with tanker in Bintan

Fadli The Jakarta Post 14 Jan 19;

The Indonesian Navy has deployed several vessels after the Vanuatu-registered cable ship the MV Star Centurion collided with the Hong Kong-flagged tanker MT Antea on Sunday morning in Bintan waters, Riau Islands.

The Singaporean authorities previously rescued some 20 crew members from the sinking Star Centurion, which was a vessel designed for undersea pipeline work. The Antea sustained damage to its hull in the accident at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday in Tanjungberakit.

Based on images of the damage to the respective ships, it would appear the Star Centurion crashed into the side of the Antea. The Star Centurion capsized and sank within hours.

Tanjung Pinang Naval Base commander, Cdre. Ribut Eko Suyatno, told The Jakarta Post on Monday that the incident occurred in Indonesian waters but both vessels reported it to the Information Fusion Center (IFC), a multinational maritime security body, in Singapore, which sent a search and rescue team to the site.

An Indonesian Navy liaison officer at the IFC reported on the accident and the follow up to Tanjung Pinang Naval Base.

“When the accident happened, we did not have a search and rescue team ready, so the Singaporean authorities handled it. This is in line with international law: whoever is close to the site, provides assistance,” Ribut said.

Vanuatu-registered cable ship MV Star Centurion (left) sinks after colliding with Hong Kong-flagged tanker MT Antea in Bintan waters in Riau Islands on Sunday. (Courtesy of Tanjung Pinang Naval Base/-)

The Navy has deployed the KRI Pulau Rusa, KRI Surik and KRI Anakonda to the location to prevent other ships from entering the area.

Ribut said so far they had yet to find any indication of an oil spill.

Tanjung Pinang National Search and Rescue Agency head, Budi Cahyadi, said the Antea had been moved to Singaporean waters.

“The ship’s captain is also in Singapore for investigation,” he said. (evi)

Vessel managed by Vallianz unit damaged in collision with tanker
Straits Times 15 Jan 19;

SINGAPORE - A tanker has collided into a pipe-laying vessel managed by a subsidiary of Vallianz Holdings, resulting in damage to the Star Centurion vessel.

In a filing with the Singapore Exchange on Monday night (Jan 14), Vallianz said that Star Centurion had been at anchor at the outer port limits of Singapore waters when she was collided into by the Antea, a Hong Kong-flagged tanker at about 6.16am on Jan 13. The Antea is owned by PT Pertamina Persero and operated by Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (Singapore).

The subsidiary, Vallianz Offshore Marine (VOM), deployed personnel to the location of the incident and arranged to bring the crew back to Singapore on the morning of Jan 14. Vallianz said: "There has been no report of injuries or casualties arising from this incident. All 22 crew on board Star Centurion are safe."

The incident has resulted in damage primarily to the portside of the Star Centurion.

The subsidiary was appointed as the shipmanager of the Star Centurion by Lim Keng Peo, the receiver and manager acting for and on behalf of the vessel's registered owner, Trevaskis. VOM is continuing to provide assistance to the authorities and those involved as required.

Vallianz said there is no material financial impact arising from this incident and that its business operations are continuing as normal.