Malaysia: Cloud seeding did not bear fruit, contingencies in place - Melaka CM

r.s.n.murali The Star 22 May 19;

MELAKA: Melaka Chief Minister Adly Zahari confirmed on Wednesday (May 22) says that cloud seeding exercise from May 16 to May 18 brought heavy downpours.

He however added that the downpour happened 20km away from the intended target - the Durian Tunggal Dam.

“We were hoping on cloud seeding, but it showered heavily in Tampin instead, causing us to embark on another contingency plan to ensure that the water supply here is enough during the festive season,” he said when met at Seri Negeri.

On May 16, a Cessna 340A aircraft was used to release "hygroscopic flares" in the airspace over Durian Tunggal, while checks show that the flying time between the intended target and Tampin is only two minutes.

Adly also assured the state government had done its best to address any shortage of supply during the festive season, including sourcing water supplied from Sungai Gerisik in Johor.

He revealed that the levels at Durian Tunggal Dam stood at 37.8%, Jus Dam (66.4%) and Asahan (62.5%).

“Currently, we don’t have to worry, as the Jus Dam could supplement the supply to the Durian Tunggal Dam,” he said.

Adly said the state would only embark on a water rationing exercise after June 15 if there is no rain within this week.

“Fortunately, there was a respite on Tuesday (May 22) when it rained heavily,” he added.