Charged parking at MacRitchie allows more to enjoy amenities

Straits Times Forum 16 Dec 09;

PUB, the national water agency, thanks Mr Chin Kee Thou for his feedback on parking at MacRitchie Reservoir Park ("Keep parking free at MacRitchie for first two hours", last Saturday).

There are more visitors to the park with the recent addition of new facilities at MacRitchie Reservoir. The demand for carpark spaces has increased significantly, especially during peak hours, weekends and public holidays, and the situation is aggravated by non-park users who leave their vehicles at the carpark and go off to other places.

Charged parking at MacRitchie Reservoir enables us to manage the demand for carpark spaces more effectively, encourage car pooling and discourage non-park users from occupying spaces meant for visitors of MacRitchie Reservoir. This will allow more members of the public to enjoy the new amenities at MacRitchie Reservoir Park.

Similar to carparks at other parks, parking rates at MacRitchie Reservoir are kept reasonable. Vehicle owners will enjoy per-minute charging at two cents and a 15-minute grace period. Parking will also be free for the first hour when the carpark is less congested between 11am and 5pm. For visitors planning to take long hikes such as the Treetop Walk or nature trails, free parking is available at the Venus Drive carpark as well.

PUB endeavours to make our reservoir park a pleasant and enjoyable place for all, and will continue to monitor the situation and review the charges if necessary. For feedback, please contact PUB's 24-hour call centre on 1800-284-6600.

Tan Nguan Sen
Director, Catchment and Waterways
PUB, the national water agency

Keep parking free at MacRitchie for first two hours
Straits Times Forum 16 Dec 09;

A PARKING toll gantry has been installed at the currently toll-free carpark at MacRitchie Reservoir Park, a favourite haunt of many elderly park users for their exercise routine.

As most users are retirees, I hope the authorities will consider two hours of free parking to allow them to continue to visit the park for their healthy routine.

To make up for the loss, impose a higher-than-normal rate for subsequent hours.

Chin Kee Thou