Malaysia: Wandering tapir enters Sik housing estate, rescued by Kedah Perhilitan

EMBUN MAJID New Straits Times 3 Apr 18;

ALOR SETAR: A tapir was rescued after wandering around a housing estate in Bandar Baru Beris Jaya near Sik yesterday.

Kedah Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) director Muhammad Ali Che Aman said the lost female tapir was caught behind a house at 2pm before being taken to state Perhilitan office for further checks.

Residents said the animal was spotted wandering around the housing area about 8am and alerted the department.

“She was found to be healthy and was not hurt. We have informed the tapir conservation team about the animal,” he said when contacted today.

Muhammad Ali said the animal would be released back into the wild soon.

He said Perhilitan was carrying out investigation on tapir population in the state including in the Ulu Muda Forest Reserves and Gunung Jerai area.

A 2-minute video, recorded by a resident, has emerged on the social media, showing the animal hiding behind the trees before a man, believed to be from Perhilitan, used a tranquilizer to catch the animal.