PUB investigating discoloured water supply in Serangoon, Beng Wan and Bendemeer Roads

Lydia Lam Straits Times 3 Apr 18;

SINGAPORE - National water agency PUB is investigating reports of discoloured water spotted by residents in Serangoon Road, Beng Wan Road and Bendemeer Road on Tuesday (April 3).

A reader of The Straits Times, who declined to be named, alerted ST to the incident, saying clean water was being provided to residents at a playground near Beng Wan Road, which is near Bendemeer Primary School.

In response to queries from ST, PUB said it received "reports of discoloured water from residents at Serangoon Road, Beng Wan Road and Bendemeer Road this afternoon around noon".

PUB officers are on the scene to assist residents and to flush the water mains.

Water bags and two water wagons have also been deployed at Block 48, Bendemeer Road, and notices are being sent to the residents in the affected areas, PUB said.

"Affected households are advised not to use the water until it runs clear," said the spokesman.

The water agency is currently investigating the cause of the incident.

Affected residents who require assistance can call PUB on 1800-2255-782.

Discoloured water due to dislodged sediment
Lydia Lam Straits Times 5 Apr 18;

Discoloured water that was coming out of residents' taps in Serangoon Road, Beng Wan Road and Bendemeer Road from noon on Tuesday cleared up yesterday morning, PUB said.

Residents in those areas were advised not to use the water and to instead collect clean water from five water wagons deployed at collection points near blocks 44 to 49 in Bendemeer Road on Tuesday.

Photos posted by Facebook user Jo Ee at 10.37pm on Tuesday showed people queueing up for water in Bendemeer.

National water agency PUB told The Straits Times that its officers were at the scene to help residents and to flush the water mains.

"The discoloured water is due to resuspension of mineral sediments arising from sudden flow changes within a water pipe," said PUB.

Such mineral sediments are naturally present in the water and settle down inside the pipe over time, it added.

PUB said it had isolated the section of the pipe where the mineral resuspension occurred and tapped an alternative feed to supply water to affected blocks on Tuesday night.

The agency is investigating what caused the resuspension of the sediments. Residents who need help can call PUB on 1800-2255-782.

Lydia Lam