Descriptions of categories


  • general issues other issues that don't fit in the categories below
  • volunteer opportunities latest opportunities to act and jobs in the environment
  • new publications latest publications on nature and the environment, both dead tree and online publications; focusing on Singapore and relevant to Singaporeans.
Environmental issues
  • haze and air pollution here and in the region
  • sand exports to Singapore, foreign policy on sand exports, Singapore policy on sand supply issues

Special places in Singapore


Climate change
General environmental issues
  • consumerism excessive consumerism, efforts by manufacturers to be green and show corporate social responsibility
  • diseases dengue, bird flu and other contagious diseases
  • eco-tourism including ecological impact of tourism
  • green web use of the internet in environmental action
  • wildlife trade including hunting, traditional hunting
Energy issues
General resource use

Global marine issues Global marine ecosystems
Global biodiversity
Other issues
  • ASEAN initiatives in biodiversity and environmental issues.